Frequently Asked Questions

OPCF 27 is also known as Legal Liability For Damage To Non Owned Automobiles. It provides you with car insurance when driving vehicles you do not own and protects you against damage or loss to vehicles your rent or borrow.

While proof of OPCF 27/or equvalent is not required to participate in the exotic car tours, it’s highly recommended to have.

Contact your broker to find out if OPCF 27 is already a part of your existing personal automobile policy.

The 3 hour Exotic Car Tour route is 120 km or 75 miles long. The 6 Hour Exotic Car Tour route is 250 km or 155 miles long.

The 3 Hour Exotic car tour includes complimentary refreshments such as water, soft drinks and juice available before and after the experience.

The 6 Hour Exotic car Tour includes pit stop half way through the Tour for a complimentary Lunch at a restaurant. Beverages are made available anytime during the experience.

The drive time is split equally among all of the participants. There are always two (2) seats sold in each car. If you purchase 1 seat, you will be paired up with another paying customer. You will switch seats and switch cars with the customer beside you. You will share driving time and passenger time with them.

If you want to be the only driver in each car you must purchase 2 seats ( you may then bring a passenger to join you in a second purchased seat).

On the 3-hour Exotic car Tour you will drive a minimum of 4 cars, and on the 6-hour Exotic Car Tour you will drive a minimum of 6 cars.

Entire 3 Hr Exotic Car Tour is 3 hours long with 2.5 hr Drive time.
Entire 6 Hr Exotic Car Tour is 6-6.5 hours long with 5 hr Drive time.

Exotic Car Tours run multiple days a week starting  end of April through October. While we offer both weekdays and weekends, please keep in mind weekdays are better due to less traffic.

Tours start and end from the Ivy Lane Estate on Hamilton mountain. Great roads consisting of regional highways and scenic twisty back roads start right in front of the Estate and continue all day. We map the roads that avoid city traffic and congested areas covering more kilometers.

3 Hour Exotic Car Tour takes us in and around wine country in the Niagara region.

6 Hour Tour heads northwest to Halton Hills area. Both tours have exciting, scenic and twisty roads which allow the drivers to feel the cars potential.

Drivers must be 19 and older to participate. Must hold a valid G2, G Canadian or any foreign country Driver’s license recognized in Canada. Passengers must be at least 7 years and do not need to supply driver’s license.

You will get our best and most expensive cars specifically reserved for this experience! Every Tour includes a Lamborghini, Ferrari and McLaren: additional vehicles will vary. GTA Exotics is proud to own the largest supercar fleet in Canada with multiple cars of each make such as Lamborghini, McLaren, Ferrari and Porsche to ensure you get to drive your favorite supercar.

Typical line up for a 3-hour Exotic car Tour with 4 to 5 cars includes: Lamborghini Huracan EVO or Spyder, Ferrari 488 Spider, McLaren 600 LT Spider, Porsche GT3 RS, Audi R8 V10 Spyder, Corvette C8 Z51, Aston Martin Vantage, Nissan GT-R, Mercedes AMG GTR.

The 6 Hour Tour will give you an opportunity to drive 6 to 7 Top cars including: Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, Ferrari F8 Tributo or Ferrari 488 Spyder, McLaren 720S or 600 LT Spider, Porsche GT3 RS, Corvette C8 Z51, Aston Martin Vantage, Audi R8 V10 Spyder, Nissan GT-R, Mercedes AMG GT R.

Please note we reserve the right to substitute cars due to unexpected maintenance.

You may purchase gift certificates all year round. Gift certificate option allows you to purchase the Tour without booking the exact date. Our Tour dates are posted gradually throughout the season. You may book your tour date as soon as you see available dates listed online. Once your Tour date is booked a cancellation and rescheduling made 2 weeks or less prior to your Tour date is subject to a $75 per seat re-booking fee (unless event is cancelled due to inclement weather). As an option you can always transfer your booking to a friend or family member free of charge.

Excellent! If you wish to purchase an Exotic car tour as a gift or wish to buy now but pick your tour date later, select tap “Buy Tour Gift certificate”. Select 1 or 2 seat package option and follow the prompts to create your gift certificate. Add order to cart and complete the check out process. Once your payment is confirmed you will receive a gift certificate instantly sent to the email address you entered on the check out page. Redeem your certificate whenever you’re ready and pick the date and time of your Tour.

If you wish to book the date and pay all in one step select “View dates & Book” tap. Pick your desired date and time and number of seats and click Add to cart. Follow the steps to fill in the required payment information and complete the booking. Please note this option will only send a booking and payment confirmation and will NOT generate a Gift certificate.

Please note there are no refunds on certificate or booking purchases. All sales are final. Services and products purchased can only be exchanged or transferred to another person.

Once your driving experience date is booked a cancellation and rescheduling less than 14 days prior to the date is subject to a $75 per seat re-booking fee (unless event was cancelled due to inclement weather). As an option you can always transfer your booking to a friend or family member free of charge.

The weather is confirmed the day before the scheduled Tour and all the participants are contacted by email or phone with final Tour confirmation details. The tours will run if the day is less than perfect with a few light showers. However, if on the day before we learn that a heavy rain is in the forecast and we feel that it will be unsafe to tour, we will set up a rain date.

We do not drive in the heavy rain as it slows the tour down and takes away from the overall experience. Should the tour be canceled due to inclement weather, alternative dates will be offered  free of change so you may enjoy these fine vehicles in the best weather conditions possible!

3 hr Exotic Car Tour is designed to accommodate 8 to 10 participants and 6 hr Tour accommodates 12 to 14. There is always 2 people (paying customers) to a car unless you buy two seats and want to come alone and drive all day. If you buy a 1 seat tour package there will be another paying customer in the car with you. You will share driving time 50/50. If you buy a 2 seats tour package you can be in the car alone driving 100% of the time, bring a passenger, or split the driving time with your passenger.

GTA Exotics is Canada’s original Exotic car company that started the driving experiences long before everyone else. Exotic car tours pioneers, we have been running these events for over 13 years. The experience has been growing in popularity because of its amazing value and worthwhile experience.

You may bring as many people as you want before and after the tour for a photo opportunity. Better yet buy them a seat for the day and go together.

Absolutely! All of our packages are interchangeable. You are more than welcome to use any certificate you have as a dollar value towards another Experience and just pay the difference if there’s any.

YES. Just pay the difference and you will be upgraded to the thrill of a lifetime.

We can accommodate up to 30 people per exotic car tour and up to 90 people/day. We will work with your group to customize day and time that fits your schedule.

Large groups and groups booking private tours have complimentary access to the outdoor event space at Ivy Lane Estate (subject to availability) for after party or meeting featuring 2100 sq. ft. event tent, salt-water pool, theatre and AV equipment, cooking facilities and BBQ station. Please call us for more info (905) 815 1300.

Expect to have the time of your life! A lot of people are nervous but that is part of the fun. Honestly these cars drive the same as any other car. They are just expensive and to some people intimidating. Don’t let that hold you back. It will be one of the most rewarding and motivational days of your life.

Absolutely! Feel free to schedule a visit at our Hamilton location anytime. We will be happy to show you the fleet and answer all of your questions.

Expired GTA Exotics certificates purchased directly from us starting September 2019 and onward will be honored past expiry date.

Third party expired vouchers (Groupon, Travelzoo, WagJag, etc) can be used for the dollar amount paid as a credit towards any service we offer. Dollar amount paid NEVER expires.

Please give us 2 week notice if you can not make it and would like to switch dates. As a reminder your certificate/booking is transferable anytime to another person at no charge. If you do not re-schedule your date and choose not to show up, your certificate/booking will be void.

GTA Exotics driving experiences do NOT require drivers to provide security deposit or purchase additional Insurance. However, it is recommended to have a coverage for “non-owned” vehicles as part of your personal automobile insurance (commonly known as OPCF-27). This endorsement will cover you for any at fault damages to the rental vehicle.

All our cars are automatic and semi-automatic with an option of switching gears manually using paddles. Manual transmission with foot clutch is considered to be an outdated technology in a high performance car world. As a result most luxury and high-end automakers had discontinued producing vehicles with manual transmission awhile back.

Participants need to wear comfortable clothes for driving and closed-toe shoes, preferably sneakers. Flip Flops and high-heels are not allowed.

There’s no weight or height restrictions imposed by GTA Exotics, as long as you feel comfortable in the car. You may find that some of the cars (e.g. Lamborghini) are less roomy than other makes. Should you not feel comfortable in the exotic car that you reserved, our staff will be happy to offer you alternative vehicle on the spot.