Frequently Asked Questions

OPCF 27 is also known as Legal Liability For Damage To Non Owned Automobiles. It provides you with car insurance when driving vehicles you do not own and protects you against damage or loss to vehicles your rent or borrow.

OPCF 27/or equvalent is required for daily rentals.

Contact your broker to find out if OPCF 27 is already a part of your existing personal automobile policy.

Once you reserve/provide a deposit for your rental there are no cancellations or refunds and your booking is firm.

Yes. Rental rates vary between $1050 to $1800 depending on the car and include delivery/pick up service within GTA, 3 hour time duration, a GTA Exotics representative on site to assist you with car positioning, driving scenes, etc. Time duration can be extended and rate prorated accordingly.

Photo/Video shoot rentals do not require security deposit and are available on off-peak days only. If you need a car for a shoot on weekends a full daily rental rate will apply.

Pay your parking tickets directly to the Ministry. Alternatively, you can give the ticket slip to the representative when you return the vehicle! We will then take care of paying the ticket on your behalf. In addition to the ticket amount an administrative fee of $50 will apply.

Speed not to exceed the limit stated on the rental agreement. All our vehicles are equipped with tracking and anti-theft devices providing a detailed report on how you drive. If allowed speed limit is exceeded your security deposit will be taken immediately and the car will be remotely shut down. In case of vehicle impound by police due to speed or other traffic violations renter will be held liable for all incurred costs such as towing, impound and storage fees as well as daily rental rate for the duration of impound.

No reckless driving is allowed. Take care of the car and we will take care of you.

No smoking or Vaping permitted in the car. A cleaning fee of $500 will apply and  be deducted from security deposit.

No tracking, street or drag racing of any kind! Your Deposit Will Be Taken Immediately! The car will be remotely shut down and renter will be held liable for any costs such as towing the car back to the shop.

The security deposit can not be provided in cash only. However you can split a security deposit amount between cash and a credit card.

A valid credit card is a MUST . We do not accept pre-paid credit cards or debit cards for security deposit.

All daily rentals require a security deposit. Security deposit amounts between $5 000 and $10 000 depending on the car.

Any fees resulting from Extra Mileage, Fuel, Damages to the vehicle, Tolls, Parking tickets and other incurred costs will be deducted from the security deposit. If no extra fees were incurred the full security deposit will be returned within 2-5 business days.

Yes, but all drivers MUST be authorized by GTA Exotics, meet age requirement, provide driver’s license ( plus additional photo ID) and added to the rental agreement. If the rental car is given to an unauthorized driver the rental will be terminated immediately and security deposit will be forfeit. Up to 2 drivers/renters can be authorized per vehicle.

Yes. Please verify your policy for the daily and total allowance and contact your insurance broker to get authorization. We will work directly with your insurance company for a hassle free rental and billing.

Daily exotic car rentals age requirement is 25 and over. Full G or any foreign country driver’s license recognized in Canada is required.

In addition, all renters must be able to produce a secondary photo ID upon request.

A valid credit card, matching renter’s name, for securty deposit is required for all daily rentals.

Daily rentals as well require a proof of personal automobile insurance with endorsement OPCF 27/or equivalent. OPCF 27 is also known as Legal Liability For Damage To Non Owned Automobiles. It provides you with car insurance when driving vehicles you do not own. It protects you against damage or loss to vehicles your rent or borrow.

GTA Exotics reserves the right to cancel rental booking if not all of the above requirements are met.

Yes. We allow up to 2 drivers per rental agreement. A secondary driver must meet age and license requirements and cover additional insurance cost of $99-$199 (depending on a car).

Rental cost consists of rental rate + tax. There are no hidden fees.

Security deposit is refundable upon return of the vehicle with no damages.

Additional costs associated with renting a car include: gas, extra mileage, toll roads fees, parking and traffic violation tickets.


All our cars are automatic and semi-automatic with an option of switching gears manually using paddles. Manual transmission with foot clutch is considered to be an outdated technology in a high performance car world. As a result most luxury and high-end automakers had discontinued producing vehicles with manual transmission awhile back.

Exotic car rentals are one day minimum. Typical rental period is 9 am to 9 am on the following day. Should you like to return the car in less than 24 hours, one day rental rate will still apply.

Hourly rentals for photo and video shoots are available on off peak days. Please call us at (647) 880 5916 for a customized quote.

Rental rate includes 150 kilometers a day for all the cars picked up at our Mississauga office or delivered to your preferred location. Should you like to pick up the car at our Hamilton office you will receive 50 bonus kilometers for a total of 200 km a day. Extra mileage is $1.99 to $3.99 per kilometer depending on a car.

Delivery and pick up service is available upon request. Service fee varies depending on the location and is typically between $150 to $200 each way within GTA. Daily kilometers allowance will start form the drop off location.