Can You Race Your Own Car in Toronto?

Can You Race Your Own Car in Toronto?

Racing fanatics across the GTA spend countless dollars investing in high-performance features for their vehicles. However, these souped-up vehicles cannot be ‘let loose’ on any Ontario highways. This raises the question: can you race your own vehicle in the GTA?

The answer: of course! You just need to check out the Track Days racing experience.

What is a Track Day Experience?

A track days experience is when racing tracks are opened to the public, allowing amateur drivers the chance to race a vehicle on a timed run. Track days often allow the driver to race their own vehicle against the times of other amateur racers. Some even offer the chance to race expensive luxury vehicles for several laps, giving car-fanatics the chance to get behind the wheel of their dream cars. Here are four reasons why you should consider trying a track days experience:

Race your own vehicle

Racing fanatics crave the feeling of pushing their own vehicles to the limit. Many racing enthusiasts and gearheads invest thousands of dollars in modifications to increase the speed of their vehicles. However, they cannot truly experience the impact of these modifications on their vehicle without being able to hit a track and step on the throttle themselves. Track days offer these high-performance drivers the ability to test out their vehicle at high speeds in racing conditions. The freedom that comes with driving on a track is unmatched, making it a great option for amateur drivers and car enthusiasts.

Choose from a selection of luxury and exotic vehicles

For those who love luxury vehicles and high-performance supercars but have not invested in one themselves, many tracks also offer supercar rentals for Track Days. At GTA Exotics, we offer a selection of luxury vehicles and exotic supercars, giving you the opportunity to drive your dream car around the track at breakneck speeds. To satisfy your curiosity, we offer multi-car packages that allow you to test drive several different performance vehicles in a day, giving you a true idea of how these vehicles handle at top speeds. We even have a police car package, so you can race around the track like a car chase on the news.

Opt for lap-by-lap coaching

For a small fee, we also offer lap-by-lap coaching from a professional high-performance driving instructor. In these sessions, your instructor will walk you through driving techniques that will increase your speed and control, so you can learn how the great racers approach the art of high-performance driving. For true car fanatics, you can keep track of your vehicle and lap records, so you can see the impact of your lessons as you gain more experience behind the wheel.

For more information about racing your own car in Toronto, call GTA Exotics at (905) 815-1300 or contact us here.