The New 2020 Mid-Engine Corvette

The New 2020 Mid-Engine Corvette

One of the world’s most iconic sports cars, the Corvette, is being introduced in 2020 as a completely re-imagined mid-engine sports car. The new Corvette contains only a single part carried over from previous generations delivering a brand new experience for Corvette-fans around the world.

The new Corvette features a perfectly clean appearance and improved aerodynamics with hidden door handles and hood releases and an all-new LT2 V8 engine visible through the rear hatch window.

No compromises with this year’s Corvette – the 2020 Stingray carries on the famous heritage of “convertible-first” with a first-ever production retractable hardtop. This improved convertible features a top that flows seamlessly into the body while maintaining the vehicles impressive storage capabilities.

The upgraded mid-engine configuration provides incredible visibility, responsiveness and driving feel. The new engine placement provides rear weight bias, meaning more power is directed to the rear wheels where it matters most. And with the windshield now over the front wheels, there’s improved downforce without the need for a front air dam.

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