Hybrid Supercars of the Future

Hybrid Supercars of the Future

There was a time when it seemed like emission regulations, changes in automative technology, and economical developments could hinder the exotic & supercar industry from ever adapting into the electric / hybrid market.

The changing times haven’t hindered luxury vehicle manufacturers at all! In fact, they’ve embraced this change finding new ways to shave seconds off lap times or reach new top speeds – these companies, like Lamborghini & Ferrari, challenge the opportunity to learn & adapt to these new changes.

The spark of interest in hybrid / electric cars can be traced to the Toyota Prius – the world’s first mass production hybrid car in 2005 & 2006. Since then, over 8 years later, automakers have taken the time to design high-end, smart, technology-driven hybrid cars which support both power and luxurious looks.

Many of the world’s exotic & supercar manufacturers have joined the bandwagon. Ferrari debuted the LaFerrari, BMW revealed the i8, and McLaren along with Porsche joined the niche segment with the P1 and 918 Spyder.

It’s going to be an exciting decade as we see more luxury car brands joining in and showing us the true potential of the shift towards hybrid-electric vehicles.