Mercedes AMG

Treat yourself or someone special to a truly amazing GTA Exotics Track Day and realize a dream of driving a Mercedes AMG GTS on a real racing circuit!

All our Track day packages include 2 Discovery laps as a passenger in a Pace/SUV vehicle and Instructions. While on Discovery laps you will have an opportunity to get familiar with the Track’s layout and learn valuable driving techniques. Additional personalized, one-on-one car coaching option is available for purchase.

Drivers are accompanied by professional Track Instructors in a passenger seat for the duration of the Drive to ensure safety and offer assistance if required.

Feel free to bring your family and friends with you to the TRACK, all guests are welcome and the admission is free.

You and your guests will have an opportunity to take as many photos and videos as you like. The spectators can safely watch drivers go around the Track from the pit stop or observation platform.

Take your Driving experience home with the HD Recording package option. Action Dual camera will capture you as well as the Track ahead of you. The video is recorded on an SD card that you will get to take home.