6 Hour Exotic Car Tours

From: $649.00 $499.00


Get behind the wheel of 6-7 of the finest and sought-after Dream cars  and explore thrilling and twisty heights of Halton Hills on the 6 hour Exotic car Tour. Enjoy Lunch and Refreshments during the pit stop at the exclusive Paddock Motor club, included in this Experience.

There are always two seats sold per car and the total drive time is shared among the 12 to 14 participants. If you purchase one seat you will share the drive time and rotate through the cars with another paying customer. If you would like to drive 100% of the time and have each car for yourself, you must purchase 2 seats. You may then bring a passenger with you to take the 2nd purchased seat.


Make your experience even better by selecting your tour on a weekday – this means less traffic, faster speeds, and an overall smoother experience.