Product Description

6 – 7 cars

6 Hour Experience/5 Hour journey 2 Seats

This package can be used by one driver to drive 100% of the time and have each car all for him/herself, two drivers to share the cars and driving time, or one driver and one passenger.

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6 Hr Exotic Car Experience, 2 Seats
$ 1,849.00 $ 978.00


You may buy this package any time and receive a Gift Certificate via email shortly
after purchase. This experience is available multiple days a week May to
November. This Experience starts and ends at our Hamilton location.

For available dates and booking please click “Redeem your voucher”
tap or call (905) 815-1300 starting April 1 st.

This package is exclusively for 6 Hour Exotic Car Experience. Includes:
6 – 7 cars
6 Hour Experience/5 Hour journey through Caledon hills
2 seats

Lunch at the Paddock Motor club

Fuel Surcharge Fee *

$60 per person

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