Celebrate This Valentine’s Day With a Luxury Car

Celebrate This Valentine’s Day With a Luxury Car

Luxury vehicles can make your Valentine’s Day go from a fun, romantic experience to a truly unforgettable occasion. Not only can you cruise around at top speeds with ultimate handling and control, but the stylish designs are sure to impress both your partner and fellow drivers. For anyone who craves speed and performance in a vehicle, you will not be disappointed with our selection of exotic luxury vehicles. Perfect for Valentine’s Day and other romantic occasions, here are a few ideas for celebrating your special day with a sports car:

  • Luxury Car Rentals

For anyone looking to add a luxurious element to their Valentine’s Day celebrations, GTA Exotics offers a selection of luxury car rentals on a daily basis. Consider renting your dream car and escorting your date to your favourite restaurant. For those who crave a bit more adventure, you can rent a car and take a mini-road trip through Southern Ontario, admiring all of the beautiful, natural features this province has to offer. Our selection of romantic two-seater vehicles has something for everyone, and the unmatched style and luxury of these vehicles will make this Valentine’s Day one to remember.

  • Exotic Car Tour

Renting an exotic car is easy, but choosing the perfect vehicle for the occasion can be a bit more complicated. Many drivers have to consider a lot of factors: style, performance, comfort, top speed, handling, and even colour. Fortunately, if you simply can’t decide, we offer exotic car tours that allow you to test-drive a variety of different vehicles over the course of a few hours. For couples who are absolutely entranced by luxury vehicles, the opportunity to test drive four-to-seven of your favourite vehicles over the course of a few hours is simply too good to pass up. From the Niagara Wine Country to the hills of Caledon, we offer a variety of car tours to suit your unique taste. You can purchase two seats for your tour, and you won’t even have to deal with an employee in the car, so you can enjoy your romantic tour with your partner.

  • Track Days Experience

Track days give you the opportunity to take one of our proven sports cars (or a car of your own) to the track, allowing you to whip around the track like the pros. We offer a wide selection of luxury vehicles and racing cars to ensure you have the most fun, exciting, and fulfilling experience possible in our exotic cars. For couples looking for a real thrill and adrenaline rush, try racing one of our exotic cars and seeing who can drive the fastest lap!

  • Wedding Car Rentals

For more intimate and celebratory events such as weddings, we even offer exotic car rentals to pick up and drop off the bride and groom. Not only will you have the opportunity to drive one of our exotic vehicles, but your wedding pictures will forever capture the look on your face as you whisk your partner away in your dream car. Nothing says true happiness like driving off in the sunset with the person of your dreams in a luxury convertible.

At GTA Exotics, we offer a selection of sports car experiences perfect for your Valentine’s Day celebrations. For more information about our exotic car rentals, or to inquire about booking a luxury car experience, call us at 905-815-1300 or visit our website here.