Track Days FAQ


  1. Buy a package
  2. Book on AFTER May 1st, 2017
  3. You can pick your date time and car
  5. Track locations are either Toronto motorsports park 1040 Kohler rd,Cayuga OR Grand Bend 70292 Grand Bend Line, Grand Bend, ON N0M 1T0
  6. Typically 2 to10 laps will take approx 1 hour to complete.
  7. Please bring a printed copy of your voucher and arrive 45 minutes prior to your scheduled time.
  8. Everyone will be organized as per their timeslot so it is not beneficial to arrive super early but it is important not to arrive late.
  9. An instructor will give an overview of the track configuration and supply pointers while on your discovery laps as a passenger.
  10. Drivers will then drive the number of laps purchased in their desired car.
  11. Extra laps maybe purchased at the track.
  12. Exotic car packages maybe used towards the super cars (mclaren or 458) and half the laps will be offered. GTAexotics sells specific packages for these cars

Track events are open to anyone with a drivers license 16 yrs and up

We cannot guarantee specifics cars due to technical difficulties.

NOTE: We will do our best to provide you with a car you have requested, however if due to unforeseen circumstances we are unable to do so, we will provide you with equivalent car.

No security deposit required to drive

All packages include instruction

and two discovery laps where the instructor will drive around the track to show the layout.  They will also guide you on the proper driving technique which will include hand position on steering wheel, braking points, the racing line and other important facts to make you comfortable.

Safety gear (helmet) is supplied if preffered

GTA exotics uses the entire 3km track

which makes for a more exciting experience and faster speeds. Our packages are sold based on the 1.5km half track because our competitors only use half the track and we want you to see the value you are getting apples to apples. You have the option of driving the half track or full track. If you pick the full track your package will be divided. Example 1 car 10 laps will be 1 car 5 laps. Same amount of driving but your best option would be to take the long configuration. Check out the competition and you will see you get the best value with GTA exotics

Cash. Visa. Master card and Amex accepted …

… at track to purchase extra laps

Track is called Toronto motorsports park

which is located in the town of Cayuga which is approximately 1 hr west of Toronto. 1040 Kohler rd. Cayuga Ontario. (It is not the old cayuga oval track)

If there is a cancellation due to weather

it will be noted on our phone system the morning of the event by 7am. 905-815-1300

Please arrive 45 minutes prior

to your scheduled time so you are able to get paperwork, instruction and discovery laps out of the way. Budget a min of  1 hour at the track

Visitors are free

and we encourage pictures and video from the sidelines.

GTA exotics offered in car HD video

for $35 per car which may be purchased at the track.

Additional 10% off

for repeat customers in our booking system.

We have been running track events injury free for 14 years.

Gta exotics knows your time is valuable

which is why we use a timetable booking system. We do not expect you to stand in a line waiting hours to go out.

Gta exotics offers the largest fleet in Canada

All cars are Automatic with paddle shift option exept Ariel Atom which is the only Manual transmission vechicle