Do you have any automatic cars?

All cars are Automatic with paddle shift option.

Ariel Atom is the only Manual transmission vehicle available for the Track eperience only.

Are there any hidden fees?


When are the Tours?

Our Tours run multiple days a week starting in May through October. While we offer both weekdays and weekends, please keep in mind weekdays are better due to less traffic.

How many cars will I get to drive?

On the 3 hour experience you will drive a minimum of 4 cars, and on the 5 hour tour you will drive a minimum of 6 cars.

How is the driving time split?

If you purchase ONE SEAT you will be paired up with another PAYING CUSTOMER. There is always TWO PAYING CUSTOMERS in EACH car. You will switch seats and switch cars with the customer beside you. You will share driving time and passenger time with them.
If you want to be the ONLY driver you must purchase TWO SEATS (then you may bring a passenger for free).

When do I book my Tour date?

You may purchase certificates all year round. The online booking system for Country Tours dates opens up on January 1st, 2019. Alternatively, our operators are available 7 days a week to book your Tour over the phone. Once your date is booked there is no rescheduling (unless rain is in the forecast) because everyone has to attend to drive all the cars. We will switch your date if we can find someone to replace your seat(s).

I am ready to purchase. What do I do?

Excellent! Select your desired package and click Buy now. Follow the steps to fill in the required information and complete the booking . The receipt and a gift certificate will be sent to the billing information email address you provide shortly after the purchase. Visit our website after January 1st, and redeem your gift certificate by using an authorization code to book your Tour date and time. Alternately, you may call our operators 7 days a week to book your Tour over the phone.

What about cancellations/refunds/exchanges?

Please note there are no refunds. All services can only be exchanged or transferred to another person. Cancellations must be 1 week prior for country tours, and up to 24 hours before track events. Rentals can be cancelled anytime due to weather, but can only be exchanged for another date.

Is it safe?

YES, we have a 15 years injury free record.

What roads/area do we drive on/in?

Tours start and end from the Ivy Lane Estate on Hamilton mountain. Great roads start right in front of the mansion and continue all day.
3 hr experience takes us in and around wine country in the Niagara region
5 hr tour heads northwest to Caledon Hills area. Both tours have exciting, scenic and twisty roads which allow the drivers to feel the cars potential.

What are the requirements for Country Tours?

Drivers must be 19 and older to participate. Must hold a valid full G Canadian or International driver’s license. Passengers do not need driver’s license or security deposit.

What happens if it rains?

If it is forecasted to rain on your scheduled date, we will leave the decision up to the group & the majority wins. If on the day before we learn that it is forecasted to rain heavily and we feel that it will be unsafe to tour, we will set up a rain date.

What is the security deposit for?

The deposit is required on the day of the Tour, either on credit card or cash. The deposit is the deductible for any damages to the cars. Please understand these cars are very expensive to repair and we have to ensure customers drive responsibly and safely. The deposit is refunded immediately upon the Tour completion. We have a 9 year claims free record. (a $2,000 refundable security deposit, per driver, on your own VISA, American Express or MasterCard is required.)

There’s no deposit required for Test Drives or Track days.

Are the cars modified?

Yes. Most of the cars are lowered with aftermarket rims and exhausts.

How many participants are on a Tour?

3 hr exotic car experience is designed to accommodate 8 to 10 participants and 5 hr Tour accommodates 12 to 14. There is always 2 people (paying customers) to a car unless you buy two seats and want to come alone to drive all day. If you buy a 1 seat tour package there will be another paying customer in the car with you. You will share driving time 50/50. If you buy a 2 seats tour package you can be in the car alone driving 100% of the time,  bring a passenger, or split the driving time with your passenger.

How long have you been running these tours?

Experience pioneers, we have been running these tours for 10 years. It has been growing in popularity because of its amazing value and worthwhile experience.

Can I bring a friend?

You may bring as many people as you want before and after the tour for a photo opportunity. Better yet buy them a seat for the day and go as a group. Group specials are available.

I have a gift certificate for a different experience (e.g. Test drive). May I switch it to a Tour or Track day?

Absolutely! All of our packages are interchangeable. You are more than welcome to use any certificate you have as a dollar value towards another Experience.

I have a gift certificate from a third-party eg: Groupon. Can it be used towards a Tour or Track day?

YES. Just pay the difference and you will be upgraded to the thrill of a lifetime.

I got a gift certificate on sale and now a friend wants to join me on a tour. How much would we have to pay?

We will honor the same price you paid for any referrals that would like to join you. Please make sure you notify us as soon as possible as dates fill up fast.

How many people can be accommodated on a tour if we have a large group?

We can accommodate up to 10 people on a 3 hour experience and up to 20 people/day, and 14 people on a 5 hour tour. We will work with your group to customize day and time that fits your schedule.

I have never driven a Lamborghini or any other exotic for that matter, what can I expect?

Expect to have the time of your life. A lot of people are nervous but that is part of the fun. Honestly these cars drive the same as any other car. They are just expensive and to some people intimidating. Don’t let that hold you back. It will be one of the most rewarding and motivational days of your life.

Can I visit your office/showroom before the Tour?

Absolutely! Feel free to visit us at our Hamilton location at anytime. We will be happy to show you the fleet and answer all of your questions.

When is the security deposit due?

On the day of the tour. Please call your credit card company the day before so there are no complications when you arrive.

How much is the security deposit? Can it be waived?

The security deposit is $2,000 per driver. It is charged to your own credit card (VISA, AMEX or MasterCard) on the day of your tour and refunded at the end.

Security deposit is not required if you present a proof of personal automobile insurance with OPCF 27 (Liability for Damage to Non-Owned Automobile(s) and Providing Other Coverages When Insured Persons Drive Other Automobiles)

What happens if my certificate expires?

Expired certificates purchased in 2015 and onward will be honored past expiry date.

What happens if I book a date and don’t show up?

We need all the drivers to show up, to drive the cars. Please give us 1 week notice if you would like to switch dates. If you cannot make the date your certificate is transferable to another person at no charge. If you did not re-scheduled your date and chose not to show your voucher will be void.