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New for 2015 NO SECURITY DEPOSIT REQUIRED. 16 years and up. Refer to FAQ section for details

New for 2015 One-on-One Instruction & UNLIMITED LAPS with Canada's only Turbo Ariel Atom.  The sickest car on the track.  Check below for details.

We are the only company offering a rain guarantee at Toronto Motorsports Park (Cayuga). This is extremely important and a huge bonus for everyone. You pay good money don't pick a company that forces you to drive in dangerous conditions. We are the only company offering standard transmission exotics in North America. There are no extra fees.

SAVE TIME - You get to experience many different dream cars in one day. We offer the largest fleet in Canada. We do not list cars we do not offer. Refundable security deposits are reduced and way lower than the competitor. RISK FREE - This is definitely on a bucket list for a car person. The recipient will have the time of their lives!!!! These experiences are SAFE. We are 100% local and pride ourselves on customer service. Please refresh page to view new and current deals. No security deposit required.

GTA Exotic Car Tours uses now uses the 1.8KM Track at Toronto Motorsports Park (Cayuga).

Your day at the track will start with a technical briefing where your professional instructor who will go over racing tips, proper driving position, steering techniques, braking and acceleration of these powerful cars and also how to find the optimum racing lines on the course. Next, you'll be led around the track by a professional driver to show you the "lines" of the track. This will allow you to optimize your laps on the track.

Over the years, we have put nearly 10,000 people through these experiences with awesome feedback and referrals.Booking is done through a first come first served basis. In order to insure you book the time date and car you want you must book long in advance and not last minute.

Customer can make there appointment (day,time,car) after May 1, 2015.

2015 Track Dates :

All dates will be available in the New Year prior to your commencement of booking MAY 1, 2015 .  Book yours today!  
Available Exotic Car Fleet Below:

FREE bonus lap for the Porsche 911 Turbo, Ariel Atom.

Lamborghini Gallardo (automatic transmission)

Ariel Atom (Standard Transmission)
(Automatic Transmission)
Ferrari 360 (Automatic Transmission)
Ferrari F430 
(Automatic Transmission)
GTR R35 (Automatic Transmission
Porsche Turbo 911 
(Automatic Transmission)

Tax not included. After purchase, you will receive an email certificate with a reservation number needed to book your experience. Packages include instruction and 2 discovery laps as a passenger to see layout of track. All laps purchased you drive. 

**Valentines SPECIAL - LIMITED TIME** Turbo Ariel Atom Race School Experience Packages with Instructor

***Turbo Ariel Atom race school with personal one-on-one instruction and UNLIMITED LAPS in 15 minute sessions. Get the ultimate race package where we take the time and go over all the details of racing to make you the fastest driver possible. learn heal & toe, trail braking, proper cornering and above all smooth fluid driving. You will get a in car video of one of your 20 minute sessions ($120 value). This package will allow for twice as many laps as opposed to buying individual laps. super deal.

Prior to you driving an instructor will teach and offer pointers for 15 minutes while the instructor is driving, to maximize your Turbo Ariel Atom Experience. 

$599 Race School "Start Me Up" Package : 20 Minutes On Track driving (Includes: Unlimited Laps + Bonus 15 Min in car Instruction & free HD video) 

**Popular Gift Package**

Track Days - 2 cars 5 laps each = 10 total laps add to cart

$999 Race School "Need for Speed" Package: 40 Minutes of driving (Includes: Unlimited Laps + Bonus 15 Min ON Track Instructions & FREE HD video)  

**Most Recommended For Beginners**

Track Days - 2 cars 5 laps each = 10 total laps add to cart

$1399 Race School "Life on the Fast Lane" Package: 60 Minutes driving (Includes: Unlimited Laps + Bonus 15 Min on Track Instruction & FREE HD in car video) 

**Most Recommended For Advanced Drivers**

Track Days - 2 cars 5 laps each = 10 total laps add to cart

GTA Exotics Lap Packages

1 car 2 laps (depending on car choice) = $129/lap
Track Days - 2 cars 5 laps each = 10 total laps add to cart

Three laps = $195
extra lap packages_three laps

1 car 5 laps = $299 = $60/lap
1 car 10 laps

1 car 10 laps = $589 = $59/lap
1 car 10 laps

2 cars 5 laps each = 10 total laps = $599 = $60 per lap
Track Days - 2 cars 5 laps each = 10 total laps add to cart

3 cars 5 laps each = 15 total laps = $849 = $57 per lap
Track Days - 3 cars 5 laps each = 15 total laps add to cart

4 cars 5 laps each = 20 total laps = $999 = $50 per lap
Track Days - 4 cars 5 laps each = 20 total laps add to cart

 5 cars 5 laps each = 25 total laps = $1199 =$48 per lap
Track Days - 5 cars 5 laps each = 25 total laps add to cart

 7 cars 5 laps each = 35 total laps = $1499 = $42 per lap (regular price $2000)
Track Days - 7 cars 5 laps each = 35 total laps add to cart 

Extra Passenger Hot Laps: You are the passenger not the driver

1 lap = $69
track days passenger hot laps add to cart

4 cars 1 lap each (total of 4 laps) = $199 
The perfect gift for people who may be underage and want to experience the thrill of supercars.
passenger hot laps 4 cars 4 laps


Toronto Motorsports Park Road Course

IMPORTANT information regarding your GPS! 


1040 Kohler Road won't show up on your GPS


 Please enter rr#8 Kohler, Ontario


 We reserve the right to substitute cars.

No refunds or cancellations.Our last track day is when the gift certificate  expires.


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