Start Being Well Connected Course

Need more clients? This introductory course is perfect for those who want to grow their business both in person and through social media. The following topics will be covered in this course:

  • Discover the importance of referrals to grow your business
  • Identify how referrals work and how to gain more
  • Determine the 5 characteristics of your ideal client so you know who you need to meet
  • Recognize networking skills to make a great impression
  • Assess different marketing strategies such as: networking events and trade shows to generate new business
  • Define the right and wrong way to promote yourself on Facebook and LinkedIn to gain clients
  • Create important questions for prospects to help with your sales

3 Hours of Training


Jill Schoenhofer, MBA, WellConnected

Network and Referral Trainer Jill Schoenhofer has an MBA in Marketing, an Adult Education Certificate and is an Extended DISC trainer. She worked at graphic design companies and advertising agencies for ten years in Toronto. Jill taught business and marketing courses at Algonquin college in Ottawa and at Centennial and Seneca College for over nine years. Today, Jill through her business, WellConnected, works with business professionals to generate on going referrals. She leads training courses virtually, at her Markham office and at client locations. The training is in small groups and can be one to one. All of her training is very interactive and practical for business professionals. The majority of Jill’s clients are in the following industries: financial planning, insurance, consulting, book keeping, accounting, engineering I.T, marketing and mortgages. Jill’s 3 week program Be WellConnected helps businesses generate on going referrals. Jill also offers the following courses: Close More Sales, Trade Show Success and Create your Networking Message. Jill loves to work with companies and see their revenue grow.