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We are the only company offering a rain guarantee at Toronto Motorsports Park (Cayuga). This is extremely important and a huge bonus for everyone. You pay good money don't pick a company that forces you to drive in dangerous conditions. We are the only company offering standard transmission exotics in North America. There are no extra fees. All gas and tires are INCLUDED.

SAVE TIME - You get to experience many different dream cars in one day. We offer the largest fleet in Canada. We do not list cars we do not offer. Refundable security deposits are reduced and way lower than the competitor. RISK FREE - This is definitely on a bucket list for a car person. The recipient will have the time of their lives!!!! These experiences are SAFE. We are 100% local and pride ourselves on customer service. Please refresh page to view new and current deals. No security deposit required for single cars. 

1 car, 2 laps = $258 + taxes

1 car, 5 laps = $299 + taxes

1 car, 10 laps = $599 + taxes 

Multiple Car Packages 

2 cars, 5 laps each = 10 total laps for $600 = $60 per lap

3 cars, 5 laps each = 15 total laps for $850 = $57 per lap

4 cars, 5 laps each = 20 total laps for $999 = $50 per lap

5 cars, 5 laps each = 25 total laps for $1199 = $48 per lap

7 cars, 5 laps each = 35 total laps for $1399 = $40 per lap

Our most popular value package consists of 7 cars with 35 laps total $1399 = $40 per lap

Passenger Hot Laps

1 Lap = $69

4 cars, 1 lap each = $199

The perfect gift for under age people or people unable to drive but looking to experience the thrill of supercars.  

Drive a Police Car!

First lap is $159. Extra laps are $30 each. Prisoners (passengers) are $10 each for unlimited laps with the same driver. 



2015 track dates:

May/03/2015 9 till 5 pm

May/26/2015 9 till 5 pm

Jun/23/2015 9 till 5 pm

Aug/11/2015 9 till 5 pm

Sep/29/2015 9 till 5 pm

Available Exotic Car Fleet Below: FREE bonus lap for the Porsche 911 Turbo, Corvette or Lotus Exige chosen.

Ariel Atom (Standard Transmission)

Aston Martin Vantage (Standard Transmission)

AUDI R8 (Automatic Transmission)

Corvette Z51 (Standard Transmission)

Ferrari 360 (Automatic Transmission)

Ferrari F430 (Automatic Transmission)

GTR R35 (Automatic Transmission)

Lotus Exige (Standard Transmission)

Porsche Turbo 911 (Automatic Transmission)

Lap Packages Tax not included.

After purchase, you will receive an email certificate with a reservation number needed to book your experience. Packages include instruction and 2 discovery laps as a passenger to see layout of track. All laps purchased you drive. We reserve the right to substitute cars and cars may vary from automatic and standard transmission. If there are car malfunctions we reserve the right to rebook customers if we are short of vehicles.

No Refunds or Cancellations All certificates need to be used before their expiry date. If they are not used before their expiry date, the value of the certificate will be null. Please make sure you use your certificate before the expiry date. If you book a day and do not show up, your certificate will be null. Please ensure that you show on the day that you book.

Due to our short season all certificates must be used within the season they are purchased. For this, we provide our customers with numerous dates to ensure they have a selection to book from.Customers have already agreed to the no refund no cancellation prior to their purchase, thus they must select from our list of dates for their event and cannot be refunded if a certain date, time, or car is not available.




Toronto Exotic Luxury SUV Car Motorcycle Rentals track day videos coming soon.
Please refer to these top gear videos in the mean time.

911 Turbo





Ferrari 360